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Only 1 sample to be claimed per household; samples will only be sent to UK/Republic of Ireland; subject to availability; cannot be exchanged for cash.

Dare & win!

Fancy a new coloured outfit? Enter our contest for a chance to win a £100 ASOS voucher.
It's literally as easy as using a Colour Catcher. Ask for a free sample and start mixing!

Just follow these 3 easy steps for your chance to win:

Dare to try
Get a free sample of DYLON Colour Catcher delivered to your home.
Dare to mix
Use it to wash a "Dare to mix" outfit that mixes different colours in one look.
Dare to share
Upload a picture of your "dare to mix" outfit as a comment on this Facebook post.

From all the participants who have uploaded a picture of their "dare to mix" outfit as a comment on our Facebook post,
10 lucky ones will win a £100 ASOS voucher. Will you be one of them?

Terms & Conditions

Colour Catcher is the life-saving solution that lets you mix different patterns and colours in the same wash. Forget about separate loads or your white shirts becoming pink.

If you've never tried it, now is the time!

Meet the mixers

These are the ones who already dared to mix and participated in our contest.
Join them and enjoy mixing your colours and your lifestyles.

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